The various types of pregnancy tests

The various types of pregnancy tests

Quiet often a woman is asked to confirm on how she is pregnant. Some early signs of pregnancy are definitely there but to be sure shot about confirmation, there are various types of pregnancy tests. The various types of pregnancy tests at doctor’s chamber can be performed. Let us now go through these tests in details.

Home pregnancy tests

These tests are available in digital and standard formats. In case of the former you can use it up to 6 days of your missed period whereas in case of the latter it is 4 days of your missed period. Be aware that if you take a test early the chances of false negative may increase. With false negative states that you are pregnant but opposite results emerge.

These tests are to be taken the first thing in the morning as the hormone levels tends to be more concentrated. But no way has it meant that accurate results can emerge. The stick has to be midstream upward pointing upward, and then give it 5 minutes to work.

If your test is negative you can try the test again if your period has not started. If there is a faint line it means that you are pregnant.

The digital test kits have soared in popularity. They are more sensitive and detect pregnancy much earlier than the standard ones. It is popular among the woman as the results emerge in the form of yes and no. You need to be aware that it is more expensive and you are going to need a few of them.

Each pregnancy test does have a period of expiry and it needs to be used with 3 years of manufacturing.

Clinical tests

This can be undertaken at the chamber of a doctor. These are not viable on the commercial pharmacies, but it also works on the principle of HCG detection and proves to be more accurate. One of the major differences is that with the help of this test you can eliminate any possible errors that might arise during the course of the test. You also need to be aware that this type of test is going to cost you a lot more than HPT.

Blood tests

Normally these tests are performed are undertaken at the chamber of the doctor. During the course of these tests you detect the presence of HCG in urine. These tests are longer and prove to be more expensive than other tests. A couple of types of this test are normally found

Qualitative and quantitative HCG blood test. In case of the former with a simple yes or no it states whether you are pregnant or not. Doctors ask you to opt for this test even after 10 days of your missed period. When it is the quantitative HCG blood test it proves to be most accurate among all tests. With the aid of this test, the specific level of HCG in blood is found out.  These tests can be used in combination with other tests.