Check These Fake Urine Kit Reviews to Find the Best Product for Your Money

Check These Fake Urine Kit Reviews to Find the Best Product for Your Money

You might have heard a lot about fake urine samples and have expressed wonder on the overwhelming response that the users are giving to it. It might also evoke your curiosity to see how online reviewers are going crazy about some selected products. But, let us be honest- how many of them have given some practical help as of now? That being said, it is the time for you to check some practical aspects of having them.

Precautionary Measures to Take

Before buying just about any given product, make sure that you do your share of research on the online forums, reviews, communities and to check whether your chosen service provider has any history of selling low-quality or counterfeit products. Look for the most active ingredients like quality urea, metabolites, creatinine and uric acid. Also, it is important to remember that the ideal temperature for fake pee is 94 degree to 96 degrees. The laboratories are likely to reject your urine sample if its temperature falls below 94 degrees and exceeds 100 degrees.  Typically, a kit would come with a plastic bottle, a heating pad to help reach the optimal urine temperature before the lab test. You can check these fake urine reviews to find a product that fits your needs perfectly.

How Pee Is Needed

The DHHS standard of sample quantity is 2 Oz. typically, a synthetic urine bottle contains 3-5 ounces of urine, which is more than sufficient. Also, once you have the pee, make sure that you submit it for testing well within an hour. Otherwise, the bacteria would start multiplying. This will spoil the sample. Its ammonia level is likely to fall, as well, thus deteriorating its overall quality.

Which Product to Buy?

You need to keep in mind that the new age drug test laboratories are well equipped with machines that can detect artificial urine samples. Often, certain products come with old-school preservatives like Biocide. They are quite easy to detect, thus causing failure in the drug tests. Hence, it is imperative that you do a little bit of research before zeroing in on to any product. But you can check these fake urine kit reviews while to begin to ‘shop around.’ It is ideal to choose the more sophisticated products that come with composite ions that make them almost impossible to detect.

The Concluding Note

The Real challenge is to pass the substance into the laboratory room. What do the real users have to say about it? As some people suggest, you can consider tapping it into the body using devices like a fake penis. While the online shops are full of such products, look out for fraudulent service providers. The online forums can help you locate a genuine service provider. You can also think of taping it into your inner thigh.

Another thing is that most companies guarantee a shelf life of their products. Such guarantee works for the powdery or the raw form of the sample only. Finally, keep in mind that the states of Illinois, Maryland, and Arkansas have already banned it. It is still legalized in states like Colorado, though.