Tips to find the right pediatrician by Jonathan Lauter MD

Tips to find the right pediatrician by Jonathan Lauter MD

Finding a good pediatrician for the baby, for some reason is not always that easy task primarily because there are so many pediatricians available. It is important to note that even though there are a number of amazing doctors out there, but each one is different and the parent will have to know what they are looking for.

Jonathan Lauter provides some hints on how to find the best pediatrician

Pediatricians are the most important individuals that parents come across as their baby born and grows. This is why it is very important to choose a pediatrician who is the best and can suit the needs of the child.

Dr. Jonathan Lauter MD is a renowned pediatrician in Troy, Michigan. At present he is associated with DMC Harper University Hospital. Dr. Lauter has obtained medical degree from Wayne State University School of Medicine and has been practicing for around six to ten years. Among more than two hundred doctors at DMC Harper University Hospital, Dr. Jonathan is the one who has specialization in Pediatrics. Being a famous pediatrician, Dr. Jonathan offers some hints on how to choose the right doctor:

  • One of the best ways available to find the right prospective candidate is to take references from friends, neighbors, relatives and colleagues with children. Also ask them why they select the pediatrician and since how long they have been visiting the doctor.
  • During the first meeting with the pediatrician, the parents should ask them as many questions that they have. Moreover, on the day of consultation, it is always better to arrive before time to the clinic in order find out how the office functions. Another important thing to look for is whether the staff members are supportive and helpful. Also make sure that the pediatrician is available on call 24*7 in case of emergencies.
  • Location does play an important part when it comes to choosing a pediatrician’s office. During the first year of the baby, frequent visits to the doctor’s chamber are required for immunization, weight checks etc, so it is always beneficial to find a pediatrician whose clinic is located at a closer distance.
  • Another important thing that one should look for when choosing a pediatrician is to make sure that he is covered by the insurance. Remember that making out of the pocket payment at times can become very expensive.
  • Also find out with which hospital the pediatrician is associated with and if the doctor’s clinic has the facility of x-rays and laboratory testing facilities available.

These are some of the most important points to consider when it comes to choosing pediatrician. Dr. Jonathan Lauter says that by adhering to the above mentioned points one can certainly find a good pediatrician who can meet all the needs of the children when they are sick.

As a well-known pediatrician, Dr. Jonathan says that it is the responsibility of the parents to find the right doctor for their baby so that they can stay fit and healthy.