To Baby or Not To Baby?

To Baby or Not To Baby?

Are you a couple from Singapore? Even as the years go by, there are still couples who are determined to have a family of their own. Although adoption in order to have a child and make a family is actually made possible by the society, having a kid from your own blood is still of course much more appealed to by couples. With this, we should know about fertility check up in Singapore.

There are health care services or clinics that offer fertility check up in Singapore and these are what we are going to further look into in this article. Bur before that, let’s look at couples and fertility first. It is actually undeniable that over the years, the number of Singaporean couples who seek help when it comes to fertility have increased. Some of the common reasons for couples to be determined or interested to have their fertility checked would probably be due to cases wherein couples marry at a latter age and point of life, couples who on the other hand delay having a child or children, and even maybe situations wherein there is a higher level of stress present to either men or women which might have been caused by work. With these factors and stressors in mind, we should then understand that these might have greatly affected one of their fertility or even the both of them – making fertility check up indeed a couple thing to do and decision to make. Some people may actually think that it is the woman who might have caused the couple’s problem with fertility. But remember, a successful conception is always dependent on a healthy sperm and a healthy egg. Thus, putting into simpler terms that there really can also be male fertility. Now in line with this, let us now head on to the difference between male and female infertility.

fertility check up in Singapore

In a fertility check up in Singapore, it is important to keep in mind that both of the partners need to be assessed and examined in order to know which is which. For males, infertility is actually linked to just two main causes – either a problem with sperm production or with sperm delivery. Problems due to sperm production may include a low sperm count or even production of low quality sperms. These low quality sperms would either mean having low motility or abnormal structures. On the other hand, problems associated with sperm delivery would mean possible blockage of sperm ducts, which would prevent the produced sperms to enter the woman. Now when it comes to females, there are possible three causes that may result to female infertility: one, problems with egg cell production which may be due to hormonal imbalances brought by natural reasons or probably stress-induced; two, egg delivery which may be due to a blocked fallopian tube; and, three, implantation of the fertilized egg.

Now in services that offer fertility check up in Singapore, it is important to know that the gynaecologist will perform a comprehensive history taking, an ultrasound of the womb of the mother, blood tests for the woman in cases where it is required, check of the fallopian tube, and sperm test for the man.