Advancements In Vascular products  Are Saving Lives

Advancements In Vascular products  Are Saving Lives

Understanding vascular disease is the first step in beginning a treatment which a physician will begin to manage and reduce the impacts on the everyday life of this common disease. The vascular system of the human body is the network of blood vessels carrying oxygen-rich blood around the veins to keep you healthy and alive. Vascular disease occurs when the arteries responsible for pumping blood around the body become blocked and blood clots form which could be life-threatening. Advances in treatments for vascular issues are saving lives on a regular basis as the growing number of products on the market limit the impact of this problem affecting people of all ages.

Battling social issues

Vascular issues are being battled by a number of companies in the biomedicine and pharma sectors who hope to limit the effects of lifestyle on the advance of a problem affecting millions of people in the U.S. alone. Health Across Borders reports diabetes ranks sixth on the list of most common medical problems the U.S. and is a common precursor to vascular problems. Managing diabetes effectively involves lifestyle changes and the acceptance of supplements and products designed to limit the effects of poor diet on the health of the individual saving lives every day.

Angioplasty treatments

The use of a catheter, such as the products created by MicroCross has become one of the most common and successful in the medical field for physicians looking for a minimally-invasive treatment. The formation of a clot in a vein is usually found in the leg or pelvis with the Society for Vascular Surgery reporting the ability to return to everyday life soon after treatment one of the major benefits of this treatment.

A catheter is inserted into a vein of the patient close to the site of the blood clot and a mixture of medicines are added directly to the affected area. The aim is to reduce the clot in size and allow the proper passage of blood through the clogged artery. This treatment is often completed alongside the insertion of a stent designed to keep the affected vein open for a prolonged period of time.

Catheter angioplasty

The life of any patient was placed in danger when a blood clot formed, but in the 21st-century the development of a range of catheter-based treatments and products is improving each and every day. One of the main reasons for the continued use of angioplasty treatments has been the speed at which this form of a medical device can be used to save your life if you are affected by vascular problems.

Another catheter-based treatment you may be faced with considering is the angioplasty which can be a success when fatty deposits and plaque build up around an artery. Without the use of invasive surgery, a catheter is inserted into the vein and a balloon inflated to expand the vein to allow the increased blood flow through the body.

The development of new vascular products is ongoing and has been linked to a greater level of survival among patients such as yourself. By developing new products, companies such as MicroCross are adding to the life expectancy of patients and allowing you to increase your standard of life you will enjoy in the years to come.