The side effects of Testosterone Propionate

The side effects of Testosterone Propionate

Have you heard of testosterone propionate? Here is some information that will help you in understanding it better. Let us see what it has to offer us. A pure testosterone hormone, testosterone propionate it is an efficient hormone which has been used in treating low levels of testosterone. This testosterone hormone is being produced by both men as well as women and it also has a tendency of affecting the mental, physical and sexual wellbeing.

How do you know if you are suffering from low levels of testosterone?

  • You have a decrease in the ability to focus on your day to day activities.
  • You feel insomniac and irritated easily
  • You will eventually develop a weak immune system
  • A decrease in your energy levels
  • Depression

The androgenic side effects of testosterone:

Decrease in the libido: when men use testosterone supplements they tend to have a high libido but if there is a decrease in the levels of testosterone in their body then they will witness a lowered libido.

Oily skin problems: due to oily skin, you will see that the hair turns to become shinier. In other animals, if you see males who have shiny fur they are considered to be the ones who are healthy. But sue to oily skin, there is a higher chance of pores being clogged and this results in the formation of acne.

Testosterone Propionate

Also, there are numerous benefits one can obtain after taking testosterone propionate injections and these will include some of the following mentioned below:

  • You will not encounter many fractures
  • Lower levels of cholesterol
  • Ensures you have a healthier heart
  • It will also help you in strengthening your immune system
  • It will ensure that the mind gets more vigor and vitality
  • It will infuse more excitement in you towards your future
  • It will also help in increasing the stamina
  • You tend to get longer and peaceful sleep at night
  • Increases your energy level

The estrogenic side effects of testosterone:

Water retention: this side effect takes place due to the increase in the levels of estrogen which has been countered by aromatase inhibitors. Also, due to the retention of water, you will experience an increase in blood pressure levels.

Testosterone propionate is used in the therapy of androgen replacement. Apart from that, it has also been used in other types of treatments like low sexual desire, breast cancer, menopausal symptoms and much more.